Website Maintenance

Every site should have a website maintenance plan in place to ensure both content and software are up to date.

Most websites require some type of manual updates to ensure content such as; news, schedules, events or promotional graphics are updated regularly. There is also a growing concern with outdated third-party software, such as WordPress. When software is left outdated, overtime it leaves them vulnerable to hackers and other malicious attacks. So in conjunction with our SEO plans, we’ve created a standard website maintenance plan that takes all of this in to consideration.

Monthly Website Maintenance Plan
Starting at $500 / month

Our standard website maintenance plan is a full-day service performed once per month that we dedicate to your business. Your website gets all of our attention and we simply get more done in a day compared to scattering a couple hours per week. We update your software & plugins, make any website changes needed and give a written report of all work performed. If changes are needed beyond the scope of our agreement we will simply give you a quote before moving forward.

To show our dedication to you, we offer to work remotely at your office for no charge to keep an open communication at all times. Lets work together to make your website a success!

Contact us today and we’ll put together the right website maintenance plan for you!

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